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lunes, agosto 21, 2006

Welcome! what about this Blog?

Dear all,

First of all, I ask for patience from the english-talking people, for I am still "thinkin" in spanish (being from Venezuela and all that). In consequence, sometimes my english won´t be as easy to understand as you would like... but I have faith in your ability to reach the message behind the words... ;o)

Well, another thing I want to say is that this blog has born from my interest to share my interest in these subjects with you all, who may not be able to read about them in spanish. My first and principal blog is, and every entry published here, most probably comes from a spanish entry made there before. Another difference between that blog and this one, resides in the fact that the former blog doesn´t have a definite subject, while the one you are reading right now is dedicated to the subjects: "optimization" and "machine learning".

I decided to publish about these things, with two objectives in mind:
  1. To share my knowledge with people that is just begining to wander in these subjects. I´ve been a teacher (assistant), and loved that a lot. Right now my job has nothing to do with teaching, but I´ll enjoy sharing the little things that I´ve been lucky enough to know of.
  2. To discuss with the people who works in this subjects, ideas, opinions, proposals, etc. Recently I came to a bunch of ideas regarding the training of nerual networks for the recognition of binary patterns, that opose to the techniques mostly used to do so. I want to share them. It is of no use if they just remain slept in my own little brain who will be reduced to dust someday.... :o)

My next post will be intended to explain what the heck is an Artificial Neural Network.

See you in the mirror!